„in between the time “


How do we perceive time?

Where does the future begins and the past stops?


The RGB-ensemble investigates these issues in this play which relates to the tension between the visible and the audible.


"in between the time" is based on the field of research, where literature, the fourth art form is the foundation for communication and improvisation between painting, music and dance.


The premiere was on November 21st 2015 at "LIMINALE - dem ersten Festival der freien Theater im Z-Bau"


Sascha Banck (Malerei/Idee)

Sandra Ettling (Maskenperformance)


Michael Ammann (Realtime Stereophonetics)

Ralf Bauer (Posaune)

Johannes Billich (Vibraphon)

Sebastian Klose (Kontrabass)

Martin Posegga (Saxophon und Live-Elektronik)

Ferdinand Roscher (Kontrabass)

Monika Roscher (Gitarre)

Isabel Rößler (Kontrabass)

Anja Schaller (Violine)

Rayka Wehner (Gesang)