"in between the middle"


By the collaboration of painting, music and dance the RGB-Ensemble creates an audiovisual all-embracing artform. The artist Sascha Banck developed an independent style of live painting on the IPad, whose aim is not a static painting, but a continuous process. Thereby painting approaches time-based arts like music and dance, allowing direct communication with the musicians and dancers.


“in between the middle” is the result of our first research phase, which was sponsored by the town of Fürth. Throughout the rehearsing process the artists elaborated different ways art forms could refer to another and arranged them in five acts based on Goethe's poem “Primal Words, orphic”:


“Daemon” describes the predetermination. The art forms face each other in “Chance” and fuse in the third act “Eros” to a common idea. In “Necessity” they experience the compulsions occurring when volition becomes ought. Finally in “Hope” they are released and dissolved into something greater.

With the revival at Gostner Hoftheater we will link new ideas and concepts of our actual research.


Sascha Banck (live-painting)

Dancer: Eva Borrmann or Tina Essl

Ferdinand Roscher (double bass)

Second instrument: Gustavo Strauß (violin) or Julian Schunter (saxophone und bass clarinet)


Next show: 19th of November and 21st of December 2016 at Gostner Hoftheater, Nuremberg - Info and tickets